Home Tips & Ideas
Seasonal Home Tips:  

  1. Set your thermostat to 78-80 degrees during
    summer months/ 68-70 during winter months to
    save energy.
  2. Insulate and weatherstrip your attic access to ensure
    their are no drafts escaping from your attic.
  3. Inspect your Air Conditioning unit every 3 months for
    proper operation and change all filters monthly for
    proper air flow.  
  4. Keep you door hinges, knobs, and locks from
    sticking by spraying them with silicone spray.
  5. Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors every 3
    months and replace batteries as needed.
This Month's Idea:

Replace carpet with
laminate or wood
flooring to help keep
out allergens that trap
Go Green!!!!

  • Conserve water by turning off your tap when
    brushing your teeth, and by checking toilets and
    faucets for leaks and drips.

  • Use a Natural Cleaner or Green product when
    cleaning your Kitchen and Bath to keep pollutants
    out of surface water.

         Install Two rooms of Crown Moulding,                  
         receive the 3rd room free.
( Restrictions apply) Ask our      
              associates for details
Photo coutesy of RemodelingCenter.com